Current Emergencies

There are current updates on CFS incidents and alerts through the following:

Stay Informed

Note: You can get alerts on your phone (similar to the AlertSA app) by installing an RSS feed reader app such as Hooks (app store or play store links) and loading the CFS RSS feeds above into it.
Or you can view the RSS feed in a web browser using something like: feedbucket

Local Community

Power Outages

Phone/Internet outages

Note: In the event of a power outage to the district then the mobile phone and NBN towers only have battery power for approx 4 hours (varies a little). If you still have a copper landline phone/ADSL then the Scott Creek telephone exchange battery power lasts for approx 12-24 hours. None of these have generator power so once they are out of battery then that's it. Even if you have a generator at your home you will have nothing to connect to.
At this point you will be unable even to call 000 to report an emergency.
The only option available to you is to use a satellite phone (if you have one) or as a last resort attend your nearest CFS fire station (assuming it's manned) and we can use the GRN (SA Govt Radio Network) to contact the Adelaide Fire communications centre to dispatch any emergency service.

Bushfire Prevention and Preparedness

Browse the CFS website. In particular:

Disaster Recovery

Information from Bushfire Ready Community Session 2017